Saturday, February 14, 2015

PRIMP Hair Whisperer, Erin, Gets Hitched!

Erin here!

I married my love in a vineyard in North Carolina on August 30, 2014.

We PRIMPed the 5 bridesmaids, the 2 little girls, the 2 moms, and me, of course.

Jess handled makeup with talent, grace, humor, and finesse.

I am a control freak and thought doing everyone's hair would be a good idea. They would have the 'look' I was going for and I would have something to keep me busy. A couple heads in, I realized doing 9 hair styles, plus my own, on my wedding day, was a terrible idea! HOLY STRESSED OUT!

Luckily everyone survived, I only almost cried 14 times, and everyone looked beautiful.

It was an amazing day. So much fun! So much love! I could not have gotten through any of it without Jess by my side. She offered support, confidence, calmness, and love all throughout the day. I am so lucky to have her as a business partner, but more so, as a friend.

Moral of the story: Get married! Have fun! Have people you trust and love around you! Eat something. Drink lots of water. Make sure Jess is there! Don't do your mother's and mother-in-law's and everyone else's hair on your wedding day! Sweat, dance, and party... your PRIMP hair and makeup will last all night!

Jess does her magic
Mother-in-law in hair, Mom in makeup

Just look at my eyes! Jess made them look big and beautiful, instead of their everyday small and hooded.
Being a bride in a field.
Mom, Dad, Mom-in-law
My Beautiful Ladies
One of the little girls
Beauties and my Beast
With my Mom
The hair and makeup were sweat-proof, cry-proof, dance-proof, and champagne-proof! 

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