Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Erin's Wedding Featured on WeddingWire!

WeddingWire did a feature on Erin's wedding! 
Makeup and hair by us, duh! Check it out!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Foxy Jane Fox

Jane Fox is one of the sweetest, coolest, funniest clients we have ever had the pleasure of PRIMPing! We love her!

Danielle and Erin were on hand for this fun day. Jane already looked like Snow White in real life, so we just upped her features, threw in some weave, and watched her transform into a fairy-tale, pin-up bridal babe right before our eyes!

Her bridesmaids were so fun and kind, and all looked beautiful in their jewel-tone dresses.

Danielle even gave the groom some tips on perking up his tired (uhm... maybe a tiny bit hungover... uhm) eyes!

We hope to PRIMP Jane again in the future! And just hang out. Because she's awesome.

From Jane:
I worked with Erin and Danielle for my March 2015 Brooklyn wedding. They did hair and make-up for me and my mom and my bridal party (3 bridesmaids). Not only were they both extremely professional and responsive to all my requests and questions, they were SO MUCH FUN to work with. They really put me at ease and the final result was impeccable. I had a hard time at first pinning down exactly what look I wanted to go with and I ended up doing two trials before my big day. Erin and Danielle were so patient and asked all the right questions so we could get to what I really wanted. If you are looking for a hair and make-up team that is relaxed, highly-skilled, and FUN, please go with PrimpNYC. I'd also add their prices are a GREAT value in the NYC market. Worth every penny.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

PRIMP Hair Whisperer, Erin, Gets Hitched!

Erin here!

I married my love in a vineyard in North Carolina on August 30, 2014.

We PRIMPed the 5 bridesmaids, the 2 little girls, the 2 moms, and me, of course.

Jess handled makeup with talent, grace, humor, and finesse.

I am a control freak and thought doing everyone's hair would be a good idea. They would have the 'look' I was going for and I would have something to keep me busy. A couple heads in, I realized doing 9 hair styles, plus my own, on my wedding day, was a terrible idea! HOLY STRESSED OUT!

Luckily everyone survived, I only almost cried 14 times, and everyone looked beautiful.

It was an amazing day. So much fun! So much love! I could not have gotten through any of it without Jess by my side. She offered support, confidence, calmness, and love all throughout the day. I am so lucky to have her as a business partner, but more so, as a friend.

Moral of the story: Get married! Have fun! Have people you trust and love around you! Eat something. Drink lots of water. Make sure Jess is there! Don't do your mother's and mother-in-law's and everyone else's hair on your wedding day! Sweat, dance, and party... your PRIMP hair and makeup will last all night!

Jess does her magic
Mother-in-law in hair, Mom in makeup

Just look at my eyes! Jess made them look big and beautiful, instead of their everyday small and hooded.
Being a bride in a field.
Mom, Dad, Mom-in-law
My Beautiful Ladies
One of the little girls
Beauties and my Beast
With my Mom
The hair and makeup were sweat-proof, cry-proof, dance-proof, and champagne-proof! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jess' Star Spangled Wedding

Jess got married on July 5, 2014 at The Queens County Museum in NYC. It was Independence Day weekend, and it was hot enough to drink all the cold beers!

We PRIMPed Jess, 7 bridesmaids, 6 sisters, and 1 special helper wedding planner friend. 15 people!! Erin did all the hair, Danielle did all the makeup. It was a very busy day, to say the least! 

Throughout the stress and scramble to get everyone ready to go, Jess remained cool and calm. As we were doing her hair and makeup, she was laughing and talking about how excited she was to see her soon to be husband.

As we were zipping Jess into her beautiful gown, the zipper broke. I mention this because it is not that uncommon. Zippers break, buttons fall off, and hair pieces rip. It happens. It feels terrible... but it's all going to be fine! I promise!

I handed Jess a glass of wine, sewed her into her dress, and we marched down to the ceremony like a band of sparkly beautiful goddesses!

Through the years, we have sewn many a bride or bridesmaid into her dress. We have fixed hair pieces, cleaned stains, crawled under dresses to adjust wondering spanx, and sent flustered in-laws on important tasks to help keep them occupied.

Of course we will make you look special and amazing, but we will also do whatever we can to make your day go smooth and keep you stress-free. 

Jess looked amazing all night, we had the most fun, and all was well... broken zipper and all!

Erin and Jess
Jess and Danielle

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Now We Get It... Being a Bride is HARD!

It's been a big year at PRIMP NYC
Not only do we continue to have the best clients in the world, but Erin and Jess both got married in the summer of 2014! 
Now we get it, brides! A wedding is so fun and so stressful! 
Stay tuned for our own wedding blogs!

Erin and Jess

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Liz featured on Carats & Cake

We love when our brides get attention from blogs and magazines! 
Then the whole world gets to see their beauty, creativity, and love! 
Sweet Liz was featured on the awesome website, Carats & Cake. 
Check out the post, Liz and Gabe, and see all the adorable details that made their wedding perfect!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Winter Chic Cari

We say it every time, and it's always true, but Cari really was one of our favorite brides ever! She was laid back and sweet, all the while orchestrating a dazzling wedding celebration with no detail left undone. Between her sexy slinky dress, fur stole, sparkling bridesmaids, and hot leading man, it was a true classic Hollywood celebration! We were so lucky to get the opportunity to PRIMP her special day!

Watch her teaser wedding video here!


From Cari:

"Erin and Jess, you crushed it! People thought I was a bit nuts wanting a winter wedding, but there is something magical and sexy about it, and let's be honest, you don't sweat! My hair and makeup was exactly how I pictured (whatever winter chic means when I described it to you:), and I felt like a star on my special day. My bridesmaids looked like total hotties, and really glittered in their gold dresses. The entire process of working with you could not have been easier and more relaxing, and you were a fun duo to have around on the wedding day. Thanks again for everything, and I am excited for the next bride that gets to spend their special day with you. xo"

We told you she was the sweetest!

Photographer: Cly Creations. 
Videographer: Rima Brindamour. 
Dress: Rebecca Schoneveld.