Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adorable Emily

We had met Emily through friends in the past...
Hung out with the same crowd a time or two...
We were Facebook friends...
She knew we did hair and makeup for weddings and events and reached out for information...

How could we have ever guessed she would be one of our favorite brides EVER? 

From the moment we arrived, we were warmly embraced and laughing nonstop. Emily and her family were considerate, kind, and willing to go with the flow through all the stresses and delights of a wedding day. We really felt like members of the family and an important part of the day. We can not wait to have another beauty day with this amazingly positive woman! A woman who is now, officially, our friend!

From Emily:

Erin and Jess are the most incredible team and were by far my favorite vendors on my big day!  Not only did they make my mother, sister and I look STUNNING on my wedding day, but they were so much fun to have around!!!!!!  They have a way of making you feel beautiful and comfortable, calming your nerves!  They are kind, considerate and beautiful inside and out!  And can I mention the things they did with my hair!?  My sister showed Erin a picture and she just whipped it up, just like that!  Jess put eyelashes on my mother and I and you couldn't even tell...we just looked 'extra pretty.' I don't know what moisturizer Jess put on me but my skin has been beautiful ever since. It should have cost more. They should be famous.  Primp is incredible, and I wish I could have an excuse to hire them again!  Just so I can hang out with them!  (And maybe look phenomenal afterwards.)  I just can't say enough.
Love love love,

Photos by Edward Jin Dai

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