Saturday, September 17, 2011

Elegant Elizabeth

hi erin and jess!
i'm sorry that i've been so delayed in sending you a few photos..right after the wedding we went to the honeymoon in vt, escaped the hurricane (!), and then i started nursing school! all at lot at once :)
anyway...the wedding itself was a BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING day. i cannot tell you how much i enjoyed having both of you with us throughout the morning..we all felt so gorgeous after you worked your magic, so thank you!! as far as the wedding... the ceremony was so personal and touching - we had a lot of friends involved and that made it really special. and then the reception - well, it got pretty crazy! haha. i think amir and i set the tone by coming out and doing a choreographed dance...people were dancing every single minute! i couldn't believe it. and my makeup and hair looked fabulous throughout everything!
here are a few photos - the professionals won't be done for a while. but, we have some pretty talented friends and family to make the wait not so bad. :) i tried to show you photos that show both my makeup and hair (and hopefully some of the back of my hair - it looked so full! amazing job!). (warning: i sent you a lot, it seems!!)
thanks so much again for your professional, positive, happy spirits throughout my wedding day. i cannot thank you enough.

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