Monday, May 30, 2011

Aurora's Intimate Wedding

We love to tag team parties. Jess favors makeup, while Erin loves to play with hair. However, if it is a small party, sometimes we go at it alone. This could be because one of us is out of town, has a prior commitment, or we are doubling up for the day. Although we love working together, we are efficient and keep the energy positive, a single wedding is a chance to get to know the bride on a more intimate level. One example of this party is Aurora. Erin did her wedding alone. Not only did she leave feeling like a part of the family, but continues to consider Aurora a friend.

Hello hello Erin!
I'm fully back! Thank you for writing this e-mail. I also was very glad to have you here! You made me feel very confident and beautiful! So all the pictures are gorgeous!!
It was an incredible day, for me, my family and friends.
We were partying at 2am and my makeup and rose were intact! AMAZING!
I still don't have the "official fotos", people have send me some, so maybe I can forward them to you little by little. This are in black and white... I promise to send you more.
Stay in touch, practice your Spanish and enjoy.

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