Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Winter Chic Cari

We say it every time, and it's always true, but Cari really was one of our favorite brides ever! She was laid back and sweet, all the while orchestrating a dazzling wedding celebration with no detail left undone. Between her sexy slinky dress, fur stole, sparkling bridesmaids, and hot leading man, it was a true classic Hollywood celebration! We were so lucky to get the opportunity to PRIMP her special day!

Watch her teaser wedding video here!


From Cari:

"Erin and Jess, you crushed it! People thought I was a bit nuts wanting a winter wedding, but there is something magical and sexy about it, and let's be honest, you don't sweat! My hair and makeup was exactly how I pictured (whatever winter chic means when I described it to you:), and I felt like a star on my special day. My bridesmaids looked like total hotties, and really glittered in their gold dresses. The entire process of working with you could not have been easier and more relaxing, and you were a fun duo to have around on the wedding day. Thanks again for everything, and I am excited for the next bride that gets to spend their special day with you. xo"

We told you she was the sweetest!

Photographer: Cly Creations. 
Videographer: Rima Brindamour. 
Dress: Rebecca Schoneveld.


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