Wednesday, June 5, 2013

PRIMP at Tiffany's Blue Book Gala 2013

This year Tiffany's celebrated their anniversary, as well as their Gatsby inspired jewelry, with a star filled Blue Book Ball. The toast of the town showed up in their '20s inspired blue best to party under a giant Tiffany's box covering Rockefeller Plaza. 

Primp was invited to be a part of the hair and makeup team, headed by the amazing Amy Wright. Amy designed the looks for the event and the team of nine hair and makeup specialists styled dozens of female and male models, as well as the ROCKETTES! It was such an exhilarating exciting night! All the models looked beautiful, the Rockettes really are as stunning as you might imagine, and the buzz in the air was contagious. It was such an honor to be trusted with such an important event and to work with such talented artists.

Nothing can compare to the intimacy of a wedding, we enjoy becoming friends with each of our clients. But the magnitude and scale of this sort of event is both a challenge and a surprise. When all the glitter settles and you have a chance to admire your work, you can not help but be proud of all you have accomplished!

Official Tiffany's Blue Book Ball Teaser
We worked on some of the Rockettes and cigarette girls in this video.

We were on the Rockettes' beauty team.

Inspiration boards and face maps for the event.

The amazing hair and makeup team all set up.

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