Friday, April 6, 2012

That time we were on TLC...

Don't try to deny it. It is part of our womanly right to take a personal beauty day here and there. On said day, you stay in your pajamas all day (possibly changing into nicer pajamas or adding a sports bra if you are expecting the nice delivery man with more food), eat whatever you want, and watch marathon episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. Do not be ashamed! Relish in the moment. Ladybird, it's your special day!

We could not believe our luck when we met Rachel. Her wedding was being featured on Say Yes to the Dress and Rock the Reception on TLC. She had searched and searched for the perfect beauty team for her wedding. She had to be camera ready while maintaining her bridal glow.

Enter PRIMP!

The wedding took place in sound studios in Brooklyn, between movie sets and movie stars. Her husband even proposed during the filming of the movie Sex and the City, where she was background in a scene. (Swoon!) We had a blast with Rachel and her party, hung around through the reception to make sure everyone stayed picture perfect, and got to be a part of two of our guiltiest pleasure shows!

On your next personal beauty day, if they are showing a Say Yes to the Dress marathon, or revisiting Rock the Reception, look real close to see who is holding the hair spray and makeup brush... it might just be us!

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